Numerous seminars, workshops and symposia have promoted the international visibility of the FOR 2060. Some of these events (including those for promotion of young researchers) are shown in an overview figure in the project overview section. During the funding period, we welcomed a total of 43 guest researchers from Germany and abroad for seminars (from 2020 onwards, mostly digital due to Corona-related restrictions) and we held six smaller, mostly internal meetings. In addition, FOR 2060 has organised a larger international conference with around 80-100 participants in each funding period (2015 in Rottenburg and a final symposium in Tübingen in 2018). We would especially like to mention that we have held many events together with other DFG research groups (e.g., KFO 273, KFO 274 or GRK 2381) to promote networking and collaboration.

Seminars and Meetings